Registration 2021


Summer registration begins April 1, 2021!  Registration fee is $50. Please be ready to schedule your child's (ages 5+) assessment between May 13th and May 31st.  Registration fee is non-refundable and required per child. No exceptions will be made.

$280 per week

15% sibling discount

OPENS Thursday, April 1, 2021

Week 1: Farm, Food, and Transportation - children are exposed to the importance of staying "food secure" and begin to understand what food insecurity is. They'll learn and begin to grow their own food.

Week 2: Oceanography - campers will learn how to fish for their own food, how to properly 'gut' a fish, and all the wonders of the seven oceans.

Weekly Fee: $280 per camper (includes field trip)

Daily Fee: $75 per camper

Registration Fee: $50 per camper

Field Trip Only: $100

Weekly payments are due one week in advance. Registration includes assessment. Assessment is electronic and administered on campus.

Ages 7+

Get 1 hour of STEM DAILY


To avoid online payment service fees, mail your payments to:

Camp Exposure

3415 South Sepulveda Blvd.

Suite: 1100

Los Angeles, CA 90034

*BEFORE May 1, 2021*

Week 3: Civics/Party in the USA - campers will learn their important roles in our democracy and celebrate July 2nd of 1964 and July 4th Independence Day.

Week 4: Art and Music - campers will learn the different mediums of art and be visited by a special local artist

Week 5: Space - campers will explore our universe and find out what astronauts eat while in space to stay food secure.

Week 6: Architecture - campers will learn how to properly construct buildings, shapes, the basics of architecture and how certain buildings prevent sunlight on crops and explore how food can be grown on top of buildings.

Week 7: Financial Literacy - campers will have the opportunity to sell their art, learn the basics of investing and have a visit from Bank of America.

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